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Christian Community Bible (75)

promoted by the Pastoral Bible Foundation

The Pastoral Bible Foundation aims to empower God’s people with the Word of God and to serve the community of believers in order to make them witness to the presence of God’s Kingdom in the world.

Our dream is to provide all the members of the Christian community with the necessary tools to understand and assimilate the content of the Word of God offered to us through the Bible and to face the challenges of their everyday life.

We believe that the Christian Community Bible may be particularly helpful. Along this way, the Pastoral Bible Foundation is working on the translation of the Christian Community Bible into several languages, as a concrete way of bringing together the Word of God and the peoples of the earth.

Behind all these undertakings is our conviction, rooted in universal and daily experience that if the Church does not spend a great part of her time and effort meditating on the Word of God, all her activities become hallow and her work mere activism; there would be no depth in faith and devotions might deteriorate.

The Christian Community Bible is the Bible Christian people are waiting for. There are many translations of the Bible in modern languages. However, many of them are difficult to understand because they use a language that most people cannot identify with.bernardo

The Christian Community Bible is a very accurate translation from the Hebrew and Greek biblical texts to the real language used by ordinary people, those who are the preferred recipients of the salvation message found in it. Because of this the Christian Community Bibleis understood by all the Christian believers.

The Christian Community Bible comes out with commentaries that transform it in an authentic catechism of Christian life. They enlighten and help the reader to comprehend the meaning of the biblical texts.

The Christian Community Bible was born in 1971 in Latin America as a result of the pastoral concern of the French priest Bernardo Hurault. Since then, he has devoted his whole life to this work. After the first translation in Spanish, the translations in English, French, Filipino and Chinese came out. Other translations, also coordinated by Fr. Bernardo Hurault, are in process. The editors are engaged in a constant process of revision and improvement of the translations and commentaries always making it relevant with the latest developments in biblical scholarship and with the real situations of the people.

There have been more than one hundred fifty editions in different languages of the Christian Community Bible and many millions of copies distributed which have helped the faithful in many local churches to understand and assimilate better the Word of God.


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