大约有一半我们的读者致电美国家庭。 To the rest, it’s a deeply familiar presence from pop culture. Yet even a land as extensively filmed, written about, and lived in as the US is capable of surprises. For all we may think we know the third most populous country on Earth, it turns out that America—and Americans—are infinitely stranger and more interesting than we’d ever have suspected. Here are 10 fascinating maps that show how and why.



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这是常识,美国花费在防守上有很多,但我们大多数人都没有意识到可能是其真实程度。 According to this map from Bank of America’s “Transforming World” atlas, US military spending舒适的矮人是世界各国相结合的休息。

如果它不是很清楚,在地图上面给每个国家根据自己的国防预算数十亿美元的总面积。 That small circle at the top of the US represents Canada’s spending, while the smaller one below represents Mexico’s. Almost all of South America except for Brazil and pretty much all of Africa spend so little that each country is barely a pinprick. The US, by contrast, is represented as a gigantic beach ball of a nation.

除了可视化如何疯狂不成比例美国国防开支是,它也显示了国家多少占主导地位的全球军事。 Of all the other high-spending nations, only two, Russia and China, wouldn’t traditionally be classed as US allies (India and Saudi Arabia might come somewhere in the middle). If we assume the nations of Europe, plus Australia, Japan, and South Korea, are all working to project a similar ideology to the US, then the country’s military allies essentially dominate the entire globe.



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在谈到美国的种族主义,很多人会联想深南部。 Former Confederate states have an unfavorable reputation as far as race relations are concerned. But one study published in公共科学图书馆一号不同意。 As the map above shows, the Appalachian region, extending into the Northeast, may be the最种族主义者

地图的结论是从方法论的数据科学家塞斯·斯蒂芬斯,大卫德维茨率先绘制。 In an older paper, he tracked how frequently people searched Google for a certain n-word to make predictions about how race affected President Obama’s re-election chances. The authors of this paper did the same, focusing their search by region and eliminating variations on the word that are more associated with gangster rap. While not everyone searching for the n-word is automatically a racist, it makes sense that the sheer volume of data that Google has might highlight general trends. You can see the results above.

让人吃惊的是这里怎么奇怪种族主义似乎被分发。 Ohio, Vermont, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula suffer badly, while Florida and Texas barely register. East of Texas, the number of searches for the n-word is almost always much less than average. Most notably, the red-highlighted areas coincide with regions that have a higher mortality rate among black people—8.2 percent higher on average. This suggests that perhaps the map isn’t very far off from the truth.



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美国是迄今为止地球上任何一个国家的国内生产总值最高,只有中国真的来接近。 In terms of GDP per capita, the US is also very near the top, behind only wealthy micro-nations like Luxembourg and oil-rich states like Qatar. In short, the US is rich, but you might not know exactly how rich. The country is so rich that even individual states have比大多数国家都大

上面显示的地图上的每个国家将根据其GDP哪些国家。 The results are jaw-dropping. California has an economy roughly comparable to Brazil’s, while Texas is on a par with Australia. North Carolina matches Norway, Pennsylvania is Switzerland, and Alaska is Luxembourg. Tiny Rhode Island is turning over as much as all of Bulgaria.

即使是超级富豪中东王国无法抗衡美国的一个州。 Saudi Arabia’s GDP is only the size of Illinois’s, while Qatar only breaks even with Alabama’s. All of this shows just how stunningly wealthy the US is. Although the figures are from 2013, there’s no doubt that the country still outstrips everywhere else on Earth for GDP. After China, the country with the next highest GDP in 2014 was Japan. Their economy was worth over $12 billion less than the US.



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这是一个公认的事实是,在纽约市的房地产市场是疯狂的。 The cost of an apartment is frequently so far out of whack with average wages that it gives you a headache just thinking about it. It’s one thing to simply think about it and another to actually see it. This map by Zillow aims to show just how distorted the housing market is by having each state’s size reflect the房屋存量价值

其结果是一个地理旋风昭示着多么片面房价已经成为。 While it’s no surprise that densely populated California should be biggest, it’s astonishing to see just how tiny Texas is. Despite being the second-largest state by population, as well as one of the richest, Texas’s housing is worth about the same as New York’s. This is thanks to the overwhelming concentration of extremely expensive property in Manhattan, parts of Queens, and Long Island. Even Florida is bigger than it should be, thanks to all those expensive beachfront retirement properties.

你可以发挥无尽的游戏在此地图上比较美国不同地区,但也没有否认它的中心思想:在一些地区的住房市场已经疯了。 We all know how well that usually ends.



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大多数美国的人口集中在沿海或在南方各大城市。 Texas has a larger population than Australia, while more people come from New York state than are in the Netherlands. By contrast, Glasgow is as populated as the entire (rather empty) state of Wyoming. These discrepancies have led some to wonder what the US would look like if states were redrawn to give all 50平等的人口。 The example above, by Neil Freeman, will change the way you look at each state forever.

美国西部的一大块是由一个单纯的三种状态,这弗里曼已经选择重命名盐湖,希普罗克和奥加拉拉吸收。 Meanwhile, California, Texas, and the eastern US have disintegrated into a whirling mishmash of competing boundaries. Michigan alone has become the states of Detroit, Menominee, and Firelands (the last two shared with other states), while Florida has split into Canaveral, Tampa Bay, and part of King. Washington state (now renamed Rainier), on the other hand, has absorbed all of Alaska.

弗里曼有一个严重的政治问题,使这个问题,对基于状态的选举团如何让过分重视某些人的选票,而其他人靠边站。 Even if that aspect doesn’t interest you, it’s still a fascinating depiction of a US that will never exist.



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不管美国人喜欢还是不喜欢,移民是现代生活中的事实。 Across the states, people born in other countries are filling millions of jobs. Pop culture (and lazy stereotyping) would suggest these are solely menial jobs that others would rather not do. When they crunched the numbers,商业内幕发现不同的东西。 The typical jobs done by immigrants vary wildly depending on what state they’re in.

由于本地图显示,不同国家需要外国人完全不同的东西。 In the West and South, immigrants tend to do manual labor jobs such as agricultural work or construction, with some housekeeping thrown in for good measure. Go north, and things start changing. At least five states have immigrants mostly taking up work as cooks. Another four have them working as college teachers. A full seven states rely on immigrants to work as nurses, home health aides, or personal health aides—a hugely vital profession. In Delaware, the most likely job for an immigrant to have is working as a software developer.



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