的艺术战争已与现代技术的出现大幅进化。 One thing about war, however, hasn’t changed. To win, it is still essential to keep the true strength of your forces and the extent of your arsenal hidden from your opponent. The most important military secrets are only disclosed to the select few who can be trusted to carry out the mission.

为此,美国政府不能透露有关其工具和国防它宣誓为人民服务战术的完整信息。 So there must be at least some instances when weapons of war have been developed and deployed without the knowledge of the American populace.

但是,如果已经获取了军工企业的对手,毫无根据的影响力,成为了它自己的人? What fantastic secrets of kinetic, psychological, biological, and energetic warfare might then be hidden well below the surface of public knowledge?

至少存在和下面的10种武器的操作参数的某些方面取得了他们的方式进入普遍认识。 Yet their development begs the question: What other tools of death and destruction might be lurking in the shadows, utterly obscured from the public eye?


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希腊数学家阿基米德可能已经创造了历史,在2000年前为曾经使用定向能武器的第一人。 According to a mysterious legend, during the Roman invasion of Syracuse, Archimedes rapidly constructed a hexagonal mirror when the Roman admiral Marcellus moved his ships out of the range of bowshot.


虽然因为阿基米德的日子科学知识拥有先进了很多,定向能武器的基本理论原则(DEW)技术保持不变。 A DEW inflicts damage from a distance by firing an intensely concentrated beam of energy toward a target.

不同类型的露水的火不同类型的能源但目前使用的定向能武器的最普及形式是高能激光器(HEL)。 These DEWs are just like the lasers seen in science fiction movies. They fire a soundless beam of energy, invisible at certain frequencies, that can incinerate a target from hundreds of miles away.


在托马斯消防是在2017年十二月加州肆虐,许多证人和研究人员指出,财产损害的是看似不顾野火应该如何表现每一个先入为主的概念。 Though wildfires use foliage to spread, entire blocks of houses burned to the ground while the surrounding trees remained untouched.

虽然这种反常现象没有官方的解释是即将到来,整个加州多个证人记录的光从天上下来的全州大火蔓延梁的视频。 Given the fact that HELs are commonly mounted on the nose cones of planes, some have concluded that the mayhem wreaked by the Thomas Fire was boosted with directed energy weaponry.


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能够在9公里(5.5英里)的距离投射语音命令的,长程声波设备(LRAD)对其造成在其声程100米(330英尺)内的任何严重的身体疼痛。 LRAD manufacturers are careful to call their products “devices” rather than “weapons” for public relations reasons. But anyone who has endured the effects of an LRAD is well aware of the difference between the truth and the spin.

只要问驻扎在古巴的美国外交官谁最近开始失去他们的听力。 Soon after the detente between the United States and Cuba that transpired in 2015, diplomats deployed to the newly reopened US embassy on this Caribbean island nation started reporting a sudden and permanent loss of hearing.[2]

美国研究人员得出结论,该外交官已被击中,先进的和无名的声学设备,无需进行任何听得见的声音,但会导致在其路径的人的耳朵无法弥补的损害和脑。 This incident was considered so serious that the United States expelled two Cuban diplomats from their embassy in华盛顿

然而,这LRAD类设备的确切性质,并负责其在美国官员用药剂的身份还是一个未知数。 If a sonic weapon was indeed used on US diplomats in Cuba, this would be an unprecedented incident in the history of international relations.


在古巴的美国大使馆表观音波攻击燃起约别样的秘密武器的数十年之久的恐惧。 In 1965, at the height of the Cold War, the Pentagon discovered that the Soviets were blasting the US embassy in Moscow with extremely low-frequency (ELF) microwave辐射

虽然过于脆弱煮东西,它确定了所谓的苏联信号进行影响健康或改变使馆工作人员的行为的可能性。 Instead of doing anything to stop it, the Pentagon decided to study the potential effects of the signal and attempt to mimic them back home.

DARPA,那么国防部的一个刚毕业的分支,随后建立了一个叫做潘多拉项目的倡议,并开始研究灵长类动物主题ELF微波辐射的影响。 Though the results were inconclusive, project leader Richard Cesaro remained convinced until Pandora’s disbanding in 1969 that ELF radiation posed a serious threat to the national security of the United States.


虽然可以DARPA在1969年已经关闭的情况下在辐射ELF,研究已经因为表明低频微波和无线电波可能确实具有对人体产生有害的影响。 It’s even been demonstrated that the signals emitted and received from cell phones have an effect on the functioning of the mind that frequently shows itself in the disruption of natural sleep cycles.

当今世界是绝对由让我们连接,并通知看不见的信号饱和。 But how much do we truly know about this all-pervasive radiation and how it might be affecting our health and even our thoughts?[3]


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在的唤醒水门事件70年代初的丑闻,民主党参议员弗兰克·丘奇领导的一个致力于让受可能已经违反了这一秘密的情报机构的章程中央情报局从事任何行动的底部委员会。 It was believed that the CIA had accrued undue unilateral power under the pretext of the Cold War, and the Church Committee was assembled to expose this nefarious plot to the American people.

虽然历史告诉我们,教会委员会的企图遏制CIA的极权主义热情都无效,但是从长远来看,有几个有趣的发现是这个1975年的调查过程中发现的。 One such discovery was the so-called “Heart Attack Gun,” a modified pistol that was capable of delivering a nearly undetectable but absolutely lethal dose of shellfish toxin into the body of a distant target.[4]

飞镖射击这个无声的枪理论上留下不超过蚊虫叮咬大的针眼,几乎瞬间溶解到身体的组织提供一个有效载荷打完有毒目标将几乎肯定有片刻内的心脏发作。 It’s unknown whether or not the “Heart Attack Gun” was ever used. But for all we know, it could still actively be in use today.


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在阿瑟·C·克拉克Earthlight,这个传奇科幻小说一个未来的武器使用电磁推进的熔融金属英里喷射到空间中,斯皮林和销毁的攻击战舰的20世纪怀的作者。 This type of armor-piercing weapon isn’t entirely unheard of. Since World War II, various arms manufacturers have supplied combatants with tools of war called self-forging penetrators (SFPs).

利用化学爆炸和金属衬板,在SFP的装甲推动自己车辆然后改变它们的形状来穿透目标。 However, conventional SFPs are inefficient and hard to use, giving rise to the demand for a more effective armor penetration weapon.

DARPA开发了专门的弹丸适合这种环境称为磁流体动力学爆炸弹药(MAHEM)。 Using electromagnetism to form and direct a sustained jet of molten metal at an armored target, MAHEM is much more adaptable than a conventional SFP and closely resembles the fictional weapon featured inEarthlight

除了这些基本的细节,没有多少人知道这个秘密的军事项目。 However, China’s Nanjing University of Science and Technology has apparently reverse engineered MAHEM for its own purposes.[5]



1949年和1969年,美国的军事测试本国人民生物武器不知情的情况下或同意。 One such experiment occurred in 1950 when a US Navy ship sprayed billions of tiny microbes into the atmosphere over San Francisco, causing a massive upsurge in illness and potentially killing one resident.

另一个发生在在纽约市的地铁系统在1966年,当研究人员下降充满了灯泡到轨道上,以测试列车的运动多远将携带这些潜在地致命的病原体。 Still other experiments consisted of engulfing entire cities in a cloud of zinc cadmium sulfide under the pretext of providing a smoke screen to hide the population in the event of the outbreak of nuclear war.


然而,释放到大气中危险病原体可能是至少到美国人民已经暴露了该国政府的生物威胁。 In 2016, DNI director James Clapper expressed his concerns that gene editing technology might become a weapon of mass destruction if it fell into the wrong hands.


虽然自然发生的病原体是够糟糕的,基因工程,已经引起的秘密研制生物武器的可能性存在,可能消灭整个国家的人口几乎在一夜之间。 But microbes given superpowers by mad scientists might actually pose less of a danger than other types of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that have been let loose among an unwitting populace.

在2013年,一组约300科学家正式拒绝的前提下,有对转基因生物供人类食用的安全性达成科学共识。 This statement led numerous restaurant and grocery chains such as Chipotle and Trader Joe’s to outright ban GMOs from their kitchens and shelves.[6]


农业综合企业巨头孟山都在很大程度上受到美国政府的补贴。 If GMOs truly are detrimental to human health, the unending spread of these unnatural organisms could be serving as a covert continuation of the government’s deadly habit of exposing its people to biological weapons.


它已经公认,潜意识的消息被广泛用于广告。 This type of marketing usually exploits the baser urges of the populace to influence them to buy a product or service. But what if the same principles used in subliminal advertising are also being used by the United States intelligence community for the purposes of espionage or even mind control?




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鉴于国防部高级研究计划局(DARPA)的名声,一旦已经完成的项目被曝光,它就会突然宣布其规划阶段,有理由怀疑是否已经有“小精灵”飞过我们的. 如果人们相信科里·古德等所谓的秘密太空计划内部人员的奇幻证词,那么现在甚至可能有复仇者式的空军“螺旋运输机”在空中巡逻,被先进的隐形技术探测不到。


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托尔计划是一项由杰里·普尔内尔(Jerry Pournelle)在20世纪50年代设计的技术,它有可能使摩押成为美国武器库中最致命的非核武器而黯然失色敌人上面有螺栓。




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乌戈·查韦斯指控美国空军使用这种高频发射阵列触发2010年海地战争,引起了国际社会对阿拉斯加哈尔普设施的关注地震. 在这之前,对美国空军研究站进行诽谤只是最愚蠢的锡箔帽商犯下的失礼行为。