教学往往是一个电话,谁进入行业的人对高尚的理由这样做。 After all, it isn’t for the excellent compensation and benefits, but that’s a conversation for a different list. Teachers work their butts off to ensure our children don’t grow up without a basic understanding of math, history, science, literature, and a ton of other subjects.


尽管他们的辛勤工作,已经有被解雇的奇怪和可笑常常教师的原因的实例。 Of course, there are times when a teacher should be and is fired, but more often than not, those issues are over sexual crimes, and they don’t belong anywhere near children. These ten teachers did nothing so horrendous as molesting a child; instead, they were canned for rather ridiculous reasons.

10卡拉 - Twerking在舞蹈比赛

卡拉是在一个小的墨西哥小镇的小学老师时,她拿了一个短暂的假期到卡波圣卢卡斯,墨西哥。 If you know anything about Cabo, you know it’s a fun place to unwind, and that’s exactly what she did. While wearing a bikini, she entered and won a dance competition, earning herself a quick $260. The dancing involved twerking and moving in a provocative manner. The Internet being what it is, and Carla being an attractive woman, the video went viral, and within a few hours, it was making the rounds online.

卡拉没想到她在参与竞争的东西,所以她完成了她的假期,收拾好东西,在墨西哥北部回家Cuidad奥夫雷贡。 When she showed up to work, thinking everything was alright, she was pulled aside by her superiors and fired. Carla spoke about her termination in an interview with Reforma, a Mexican newspaper, “I was singled out as immoral, called immature and a whore. I’m not doing anything wrong. It’s a dance competition, and participating in it does not define me as a person. I’m not naked or having sex, much less consuming drugs or disrespecting someone.”

9莫妮卡·托罗Lisciandro - 一个女同志

你可能会认为这是没有任何业务的一个人的性取向是什么,但是当涉及到像盟约基督教学校在棕榈湾,美国佛罗里达州的地方,这是每个人的事。 Monica Toro Lisciandro was a seasoned theater teacher, and the director of the school’s plays, but on October 2nd, 2019, she was called into the school administrators’ office unexpectedly. Not knowing what was happening, she strolled in and was outed as a lesbian, which was something she kept private up to that point.

“They told me that someone called the school with allegations against me and said I was in a relationship with another woman, that I attend pride events and that I host ‘homosexual’ activities at the studio.” She was outed after spending 35 years in the closet, so she decided to admit who she was, and she was promptly fired for violating the school’s morality policy, but only after she was lectured about sin. Lisciandro is fighting the termination, but there’s not much hope she will be successful. As of early 2020, there are no federal or Florida state laws protecting LGBTQ people from termination.

8尼古拉斯·戈达德教授 - 主演的成人电影

大多数人期待注视着自己的孩子的老师是很好的道德判断,虽然它不一定是不道德的电影自己做爱,父母很少有人会很高兴地知道他们的孩子的老师是一位色情明星。 That’s what happened in 2016 when the University of Manchester learned that one of its professors had been involved in filming pornography a decade earlier. Goddard, an Oxford-educated Chemical Engineering teacher, had gone through a stressful divorce, and turned to porn as an outlet… as one does.


7Allison Wint——说“阴道”这个词

艾利森·温特(Allison Wint)在密歇根州的一所中学当美术代课老师时,乔治亚·奥基夫(Georgia O’keeffe)的作品成了人们谈论的话题。现在,如果你对奥基夫的作品有任何了解,那就是所有这些花都代表了阴道。这不是关于她的画的什么耸人听闻的阴谋论;这是人们普遍接受的对她作品的解读。虽然这没有什么不对,但哈珀克里克中学的管理人员似乎会容忍她的绘画教学,而不是“阴道”这个词的发音。

她在接受《底特律自由报》(Detroit Free Press)采访时回忆道,她实际上说的是,“想象一下,当(奥基夫)第一次展示她的作品时,她走进画廊,心里在想,‘我真的在这里看到了阴道吗,我是个变态吗?’”我要么是个变态,要么这个女人是个变态。’”在她的教学过程中,这个词她说了大约十遍,“但这绝不是粗俗的行为。第二天,校长通知她,她违反了学校关于未经允许讨论生殖健康的规定,并将她解雇。


Viktoria Popova是俄罗斯鄂木斯克7号学校的一名教师,直到网上发现了她的一些照片。这些照片没有显示她做任何顽皮或肮脏的事情;她只是穿着一件游泳衣。据《西伯利亚时报》(the Siberian Times)报道,波波娃曾在自己的Instagram页面上贴出自己当泳装模特的照片,为此,她被解雇了,原因是“让她的学校和职业名誉扫地”。这起事件在社交媒体上引发了众怒,很快就有3000多名女性和教师在网上发布了自己穿着比基尼和其他泳装的照片,照片上的标签是“老师也是人”。

有趣的是,在这种情况下,社交媒体的愤怒可能起到了作用。当这些泳装照片开始在互联网上流传时,鄂木斯克地区政府宣布波波娃可以重返工作岗位。政府发布了一份声明:“维多利亚未来的就业问题已经决定:她可能决定在这所学校或另一所学校当老师。虽然这无疑是个好消息,但她很快就受到了模特经纪公司Plus Size Omsk的青睐,其他的选择也随之浮出水面。


约翰·麦克斯韦尔(John Maxwell)是奥马哈庞德中学(Pound Middle School)的一名六年级科学教师,深受学生们的喜爱。他们亲切地称他为m先生。一天,他带了一小瓶水银到学校,向学生们展示这种元素是如何保持液态的,以及水银的其他有趣之处。当一个学生不小心把小瓶掉在地上时,这样的问题就出现了。它裂开了,少量的水银溅了出来,大概有五分之一或四分之一那么大。麦克斯韦尔知道水银接触皮肤有多危险,他把皮肤擦干净,继续讲课。




她被终止的原因是非常令人费解,因为她的老板解雇了她离开孩子们在她的房间里飘荡。 She did that so she could put out the fire, suggesting the daycare manager would have preferred she watch the fire spread from another room instead of putting it out. What’s worse is, there’s no ambiguity about why she was fired. Her boss explained her termination in an interview, saying, “I fired her only because she left her room. It’s not acceptable, and if anybody else does the same thing, I will fire again. I will fire them. No question.”

3黛安·蒂拉多 - 让学生0%没有工作

黛安·蒂拉多在圣露西港,佛罗里达州,在那里,她教了17年的老师。 In 2018, she began teaching social studies to eighth-graders at West Gate K-8 School, but she wouldn’t last the entire year. In a bizarre rule the school imposed, Mrs. Tirado was fired for giving children a 0% when they failed to turn in an assignment. She has explained that the school has a rule that says, in red ink and all caps in the school handbook, “NO ZERO’S – LOWEST POSSIBLE GRADE IS 50%.” She disagreed with the rule and was given a termination letter on September 14th, 2018.

当她得到了斧头,她在黑板上写一个便条,她厉声在Facebook上共享。 Her note read, “Bye, kids. Mrs. Tirado loves you and wishes you the best in life! I have been fired for refusing to give you a 50% for not handing anything in. <3 Mrs. Tirado.” Of course, with a story like this one, there are conflicting accounts. It was later revealed that Mrs. Tirado was terminated for putting a student in a choke-hold and slapping another. She denies those allegations and sought council to sew the school district.

2泰瑞詹姆斯 - 怀孕

私人宗教学校往往在他们的合同道德和生活方式的条款。 When a teacher or other employee is found to have broken one of those clauses, they are often terminated, but even when this happens, it’s usually unfair and outright ridiculous. For one teacher, it became a reality after she became pregnant by her fiance. Teri James was employed at San Diego Christian College, and she did sign a lifestyle contract, which, in part, said that she must refrain from premarital sex, as that was the school’s standing as it related to living a supposedly holy lifestyle.

这一切都进展顺利,良好的詹姆斯女士,一直到她怀孕了点。 That wasn’t something she could hide, and as a result, the school terminated her for having premarital sex. That’s not the end of the story, though; when she left the school, the job was offered to the man who impregnated her. That man being her fiance who also engaged in premarital sex! This was a perfect example of the disparity of treatment for women and men when it comes to these so-called lifestyle morality clauses in contracts. Women are often fired over wearing bathing suits while men aren’t, and seeing as men can’t become pregnant, James was singled out.

1詹妮弗手套 - 照顾她的学生

詹妮弗·米茨在红岸高中在田纳西谁照顾她的学生一个老师。 On two separate occasions, Mitts did the unthinkable: she helped her students when there was no other option. Her initial foray into helping out a kid who was desperately in need of her assistance came when a 17-year-old-girl, who was pregnant, was running a high fever and had pneumonia. Mitts drover her to the Emergency Room so she could receive treatment, and the student has since credited Mitts with saving her and her baby’s lives.

第二次,她有一个学生谁病得很厉害,所以她开车把她送到急诊室,因为学生没有医疗保险,她支付的费用了她自己的口袋! Most people would label her a hero, and move on, but the school district went another route. Unfortunately, America is a highly litigious society, which made her actions dangerous for the school district. Despite the fact that she went above and beyond, she was forced to resign over the two incidents. She’s not without her supporters, and after teaching for 14 years, those supporters came out to petition for the school to hire her back, but the principal has thus far refused.



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