从1984年到1985年,洛杉矶县和旧金山湾的惊恐人民作出肯定他们的门窗,晚上是锁着的,因为是一个四处徘徊的连环杀手。 Known only as ‘The Night Stalker’, the cold-blooded monster was believed to be responsible for the brutal slayings of 14 people. Most of the victims were killed and attacked in their own homes during the middle of the night where they had been sleeping.

于是最后,民警们能捕捉到26岁的理查德·拉米雷斯。 Now, he is one of the most widely recognizable serial killers in history as he has become ‘the face of evil’.

拉米雷斯是冷淡和悔恨一直没有露面。 As he believed, “Serial killers do, on a small scale, what governments do on a large one. They are products of our times and these are bloodthirsty times.”



1960年,里卡多说:“理查德”拉米雷斯出生在得克萨斯州埃尔帕索,作为最年轻五个孩子。 During his childhood, Ramirez would sleep in a cemetery at night to get away from the violence he suffered at the hands of his father, Julian Ramírez, a former Mexican policeman. Age 10-years-old, Ramirez bonded closely with his older cousin, Miguel “Mike” Ramirez. His cousin served during the Vietnam War and showed a young Ramirez many polaroids of the women he had raped and also of him holding a severed head.

拉米雷斯也对自己的表妹国内期间,杀害妻子,杰西,证人的说法,他拍摄了她的脑袋,.38口径步枪。 Mike was found not guilty by reason of insanity and he was also never punished for his war crimes. Following the murder of Jessie; Ramirez had become sullen and withdrawn from his family and peers. It was the beginning of his own descent into darkness.


拉米雷斯的罪行的暴行震惊了全国。 The murders began on June 28th, 1984, when he repeatedly stabbed to death a 79-year-old woman in her own bed at Glassell Park in Los Angeles. In March 1985, he restarted his killing spree and in the space of just five months, he claimed the lives of 13 more innocent victims between Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay.

他被称为夜间爬行通过窗户或试图解锁门去打击他的受害者。 Several witnesses reported that he would dress all in black—which is now presumed to be for camouflage rather than another one of his satanic rituals. The victims were of varied ages and race—they were either shot with a .22 revolver; stabbed repeatedly; slashed with a machete; bludgeoned with a hammer, or beaten with a tire iron. Ramirez sexually assaulted 11 of his victims and was known to kill the husbands first, then rape the wives.


8他误解AC / DC歌词

在1985年3月17日,拉米雷斯在22岁的玛丽亚·埃尔南德斯的车库藏在她的家在罗斯米德,加利福尼亚州。 He shot at her head with a .22 caliber handgun but luckily she protected her face and the bullet ricocheted off her car keys in her hands. Her roommate, 34-year-old Dayle Yoshie Okazaki, then hid in the kitchen behind a counter—when she raised her head, Ramirez shot and killed her.

留守在残忍的谋杀场面属于拉米雷斯的AC / DC的帽子。 Images of the hat were released to the public and this initiated a media frenzy connecting the twisted serial killer to the rock band. It was believed that Ramirez misunderstood the lyrics to a track featured on the band’s ‘Highway To Hell’ album released five years before the killings began.

乐队的创始人之一,马尔科姆·扬解释说,“这首歌是不是叫‘夜行者’。 It’s called ‘Night Prowler’ – and it’s about things you used to do when you are a kid, like sneaking into a girlfriend’s bedroom when her parents were asleep.” The lyrics are:



就像在坟墓的主体; Suspended animation As I slip into your room.”

主唱布赖恩·约翰逊还补充,“这只是厌恶你,你知道。 It sickens you to have anything to do with that kind of thing.”


拉米雷斯之前,有被称为“夜狂魔”谁同样恐吓加州与他的残暴杀人狂魔另一个连环杀手。 In Northern California from 1976 to 1979 and Southern California from 1979 to 1986, authorities were on the hunt for ‘The Night Stalker’, ‘The East Area Rapist’, ‘The Diamond Knot Killer’ and ‘The Golden State Killer’. Then in 2018, they were able to connect 72-year-old Joseph DeAngelo to 14 murders and 69 cases of sexual assault following DNA breakthroughs.

两个连环杀手之间的相似性,它们都在加利福尼亚州工作,他们都闯入了他们的受害者的家庭,他们都选择了杀晚上,他们都阴暗的已知攻击妻子之前先杀死丈夫。 Their common method of killing was either shooting or bludgeoning the victims.

后来在从身陷囹圄的采访中,拉米雷斯说,“我们都拥有强大的力量在我们的捧杀,但大多数人都不敢用它。 The ones who aren’t afraid, control life itself.”


There have been many mysterious and disturbing goings-on at the Cecil Hotel (now known as Stay on Main) in Downtown Los Angeles since it’s opening in 1927. Known as the “Hotel of Horrors”, the 300-bedroom hotel made national news once again when the body of Canadian student Elisa Lam was found in a water tank on the rooftop. Many conspiracies made their way online surrounding Lam’s death and the hotel’s chilling past was discussed widely once again.

1985年,拉米雷斯他的杀人狂魔期间住在酒店。 Richard Schave who runs the true crime bus tour that makes a stop right outside the hotel explained the Cecil would have been perfect accommodation for an active serial killer. He said, “The LAPD won’t go into (these places). It was like, ‘If we’re called we’ll go in. But we’re not patrolling.'”

客房价格从$ 14起,它被称为用于容纳许多瘾君子。 Schave explained that a serial killer could have easily dumped bloody clothes round the back of the hotel and just walk back to the hotel wearing only underwear without raising any eyebrows. He added, “No one wanted to be the person who called the cops.”


最后,在1985年8月31日,警方有他们的犯罪嫌疑人的名字。 The name Richard Ramirez was headline news and everyone knew this—but Ramirez himself. The day before, he had boarded a bus to visit his brother in Tucson, Arizona, but realizing he wasn’t at home, he returned back to Los Angeles.

拉米雷斯走了,因为他们认为,连环杀手会逃离谁在看的出站公交车直接过去侦探。 When Ramirez then stopped at a liquor store, a woman cried out “El Maton”- the killer—signaling the end for The Night Stalker once and for all. Ramirez made a mad dash for it but a mob of vigilantes took him down. One man in pursuit of the killer managed to beat him on the head with a pipe, taking him down to the ground.

安迪·拉米雷斯(无亲属关系)是逮捕的警官,他成功地捆绑连环杀手在他的巡逻车,并呼吁进行备份。 Later, recalling the tension of the angry mob, which had quickly grown to more than 200 people, he said, “The tone of the crowd changed. You could see the anger. They were getting closer and closer to where Richard Ramirez was seated. I thought, if I lose control of this crowd, they’re going to take him from this car. Richard Ramirez’s safety was in jeopardy.”


之前物证绑拉米雷斯14起谋杀案,他被认定通过详细阐述了他严重腐烂的牙齿复合草图。 His surviving victims claimed the killer had “rotten, gapped, and stained” teeth. According to forensic dentists, Ramirez was missing nine teeth from both his lower and upper gums.

拉米雷斯有他父亲作证,他在得克萨斯州埃尔帕索,在时间谋杀,然而,他的牙科记录在洛杉矶把他明确。 Whilst on death row, Ramirez had his teeth fixed which he appeared delighted with as he flashed his new creepy smile at the jurors in the courtroom.

13岁的詹姆斯·罗梅罗,谁在创造杀手的复合素描协助警方说,“我觉得正义从未担任。 He was given the death penalty, and then he stayed in there all those years. They ended up fixing his teeth, spending a bunch of money on him. He got taken care of and lived out his life until he died. What a waste of taxpayers’ money.”


拉米雷斯的前儿时的朋友告诉旧金山稽查的连环杀手与在AC / DC的1979年专辑“公路到地狱撒旦主题痴迷。”五角星也被发现在他的谋杀案受害者之一的家庭潦草。

One surviving victim, a 28-year-old woman whose husband was shot and killed in front of her, testified in court, “I said, ‘I swear upon God I’m not going to scream.’ He said, ‘Don’t swear upon God, swear upon Satan.'” Ramirez then accused her of hiding valuables in the home and asked for the location of a diamond ring, she recalled, “I said, ‘I swear upon God I did not’. Again, at that time, he hit me and he said to swear upon Satan.”



被捕后,拉米雷斯承认他所有的邪恶罪行,但后来收回了他的声明,并声称这是实际上是张冠李戴的情况。 His father also told the court that he could not ”in my heart” believe his son was guilty.

该试验进一步推迟谋杀陪审员,30岁的伊冯娜菲利斯辛格尔特里,谁被枪杀之一以下家庭纠纷与她同居的男朋友以下。 It was the following morning when Singletary failed to show up for juror deliberations that court officials discovered the shocking truth.

在1989年9月20日,陪审团认定犯拉米雷斯谋杀的13项,5个计数杀人未遂,性侵犯的11项和14项入室盗窃,罪名。 Hearing he had received 19 death sentences, Ramirez said, “No big deal. Death always comes with the territory. I’ll see you in Disneyland.” The trial of Ramirez cost $1.8 million—the most expensive in the history of California until it was later surpassed by O. J. Simpson.



身陷囹圄,拉米雷斯与数以百计的信件每个月所淹没的女性崇拜者。 Freelance journalist Doreen Lioy particularly caught his attention and she began to make regular visits to Death Row. Lioy had fallen for Ramirez when she watched a newsfeed of his arrest and saw a certain “vulnerability” in the cold-blooded killer. She believed he was innocent and battled to clear his name of any wrongdoing.

在1996年10月3日,拉米雷斯和Lioy在圣昆廷州立监狱目击者包括拉米雷斯的兄弟姐妹和近六成囚犯结婚。 When asked how she felt about marrying a man who was known as ‘The Face of Evil’, Lioy replied, “I can’t help the way the world looks at him. They don’t know him the way I do.”

Lioy最终开始从拉米雷斯疏远自己在2010年左右,当她努力清除他的名字被越来越行不通考虑对丈夫的实物证据的数量惊人。 Then on June 13th, 2013, Ramirez died of liver failure age 53-years-old. He is still considered one of the most twisted serial killers of all time.


Cheish Merryweather

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