社会化媒体都充满了并排边薄奥巴马的旁边,他不那么薄的继任者。 But President Donald J. Trump is not the most overweight president that the United States has seen, and he’s a lot smaller than past leaders from other parts of the world.



(C 1215-C。1294)

忽必烈是蒙古帝国的第五大可汗。 Grandfather Genghis Khan groomed young Kublai and his brothers to lead. Kublai learned to ride horses and shoot a bow and arrow. He studied ancient Chinese philosophies. And, in his twenties, he received a small area of northern China to rule.

汗打自己的兄弟成为大可汗。 He conquered and united China. And he founded the Yuan dynasty, a Mongol and Chinese empire. Khan reigned from 1260 to 1294.[1]

汗的喜爱的妻子的损失和长子摧毁他。 Comforting himself with excessive eating and drinking, he grew obese and got severe gout and other health problems. He died on February 18, 1294, at age 78. His body is in the khans’ secret burial site in Mongolia.

如何让脂肪在蒙古13世纪:蒙古帝国的食品和饮料很简单。 Dairy, fruits, vegetables, and herbs were staples. Meats came from sheep, goats, oxen, camels, yaks, and wild game. All Mongolians enjoyed alcohol: fermented mare’s milk was a favorite! The foods were healthful—it was pure overindulgence that led to obesity.



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亨利八世是第二铎君主。 (Dad Henry VII was the first.) He was just 17 years old when he became the king of England in 1509. He served until his death in 1547.

亨利八世在他的追求结婚六名女一男继承人。 When his first wife didn’t give him one, Henry wanted his marriage to be annulled. He fought with the Pope and made himself Supreme Head of the Church of England. The English Reformation began.

良好的卫生很难在16世纪。 The bloated Henry was plagued with leaky boils. He was hurt in a jousting accident which gave him a chronic, smelly ulcer on his leg for the rest of his life.[2]

他还吃了像一个国王。 When he became too obese, he needed mechanical items to get around. Historians also think that the binge eater had type 2 diabetes. King Henry VIII of England died on January 28, 1547, at age 55.

如何发胖英国在16世纪:富都铎王朝爱的面包,肉和糖果。 At banquets, they feasted on leg of pork, meat pie, gingerbread, and sugared almonds. Drinking water was not healthful, so the wealthy Tudors tossed back plenty of wine while the lowly types settled for ale without hops.



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皇后玛丽亚特里萨沃尔布加阿马利亚克里斯蒂娜是从1740奥地利女大公于1780年,她开始了她40年的统治时,她的父亲,皇帝查理六世去世。 Maria Theresa was the only female ruler of the Habsburg dynasty and the last of the House of Habsburg. She was the sovereign of nearly a dozen nations, including Austria and Transylvania.

历史学家说,玛丽亚特里萨生下了16个孩子。 Her youngest daughter was Marie “Let them eat cake” Antoinette (hint: fake news! She从来没有说出那句话或类似的东西)。 Marie Antoinette married Louis XVI and became the queen of France. Maria Theresa died on November 29, 1780, at age 63. Depending on the source, she is believed to have died of a heart attack or pneumonia.

如何让脂肪在奥地利在1700年:哈布斯堡帝国由十几民族。 They made wonderful cultural contributions to Austrian cuisine. Think coffee, crepes, sausages, pastries, soups, dumplings, and souffles.



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威廉·塔夫脱是美国的27任总统和最高法院10日终审法院首席法官。 Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, he graduated from Yale College and the University of Cincinnati College of Law. In 1880, Taft was admitted to the Ohio State Bar Association.

在1908年11月,塔夫脱在大选中获胜的美国总统,感谢他的前任西奥多·罗斯福强有力的支持。 He was defeated in 1912 by Woodrow Wilson.[4]

183公分高(6'0“)“在大学“在以后的几年大比尔”塔夫脱的绰号叫”大卢巴。 He weighed about 159 kilograms (350 lb) while president, and a special porcelain bathtub—2.1 meters (7 ft) long, 104 centimeters (41 in) wide, and 907 kilograms (2,000 lb)—was delivered to the White House to accommodate his girth. (There is no evidence to support rumors that he ever got stuck in a bathtub.)


如何让脂肪在美国20世纪初:20世纪的第一个十年的重点是食品。 Congress passed the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906. And the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis gave Americans an opportunity to try foods that were often new to the general public, including cotton candy, puffed rice, hot dogs, peanut butter, ice cream cones, Jell-O, fruit icicles (now known as Popsicles), and soft drinks like Dr Pepper and Hires root beer.



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丘吉尔因健康不良遭受在过去的25年他的生活。 He was not healthy during World War II. He had a heart attack in 1941. And in 1943, he came down with pneumonia. Churchill died on January 24, 1965, from a severe stroke. He was 90 years old.[5]

如何发胖英国在20世纪中期:粮食配给制在1940年香蕉,洋葱介绍,巧克力是由干蛋,干土豆,和垃圾邮件所取代。 English cooks substituted naturally derived sugars for the unavailable butter, flour, and sugar. Carrot fudge, anyone?



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继约瑟夫·斯大林逝世,格奥尔基·马林科夫Maximilianovich是苏联领导人从1953年到1955年在16岁时,他报名当红军的志愿者。 A short time later, he joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and quickly rose through the party ranks.

1946年,马林科夫加入了政治局的委员候选人。 His political rival died mysteriously in 1948, and Stalin appointed Malenkov to a leadership position. He resigned in 1955.

1957年,马林科夫领导了反对赫鲁晓夫一个失败的宫廷政变,并抛出政治局出来。 In 1988, the 86-year-old Malenkov died of natural causes in political obscurity.[6]

如何让脂肪在苏联在50年代中期:冷战的菜肴包括等经典okroshka,肉冻,和薄饼。 The Soviets also loved fried eggs with jam, chicken Kiev, and caviar.



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阿敏是乌干达总统从1971年到1979年他的反人类罪残酷使他成为历史上最致命的独裁者之一。 Over the course of three decades, Amin rose through the military ranks, and in 1971, he overthrew Uganda’s leader and declared himself president.

在他8年的统治,阿明声称五十万人的法外处决和种族灭绝的责任。 He enjoyed a lavish lifestyle while his people suffered in a collapsing economy. After he was overthrown in 1979, Amin fled Uganda. He was 78 years old and living in Saudi Arabia when he died from kidney failure in 2003.[7]

如何让脂肪在乌干达在20世纪70年代:matoke要么matooke是乌干达的国菜。 This steamed and mashed green banana is considered to be one of the most ancient foods of the world. Overall, Ugandan cuisine boasts English, Arab, and Indian influences. Local produce includes beans, peanuts, plantains, and sweet potatoes. And Uganda is a great place to go for crunchy, deep-fried grasshoppers.



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洛朗·卡比拉是的第三任总统刚果民主共和国(前扎伊尔)。 In 1960, he helped to organize a revolutionary army during the Congo Crisis, but the rebellion failed. The corrupt and murderous Joseph Mobutu (also known as Mobutu Sese Seko) ultimately became president of the country in a coup in 1965.

1967年,卡比拉创立了人民革命党。 He spent two decades amassing tremendous wealth through extortion and robbery. Although Kabila was thought dead in 1988, he reemerged in 1996 to begin the First Congo War.


如何发胖刚果在20世纪90年代:刚果菜肴通常包括淀粉成分与蔬菜和肉类创建炖组合。 Fermented bread, green vegetables, fish, and rice with spicy sauces round out flavorful meals. Only a tiny portion of the land is cultivated, and nature’s offerings differ greatly from one end of the republic to the other.



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阿布·阿卜杜勒·巴里(以下简称“摩苏尔的穆夫提”)不运行的国家。 But the morbidly obese leader of伊斯兰国团伙已经邪在中东的强大力量。 (Abu Abdul Bari is not to be confused with Adel Abdel Bari, an Egyptian militant who pleaded guilty to a series of Islamist bombings in 1998.)

该 254-kilogram (560 lb) ISIS leader is also known as “Shifa al-Nima,” “Jabba the Jihadi,” and “the Islamic State’s very own Jabba the Hutt.” When captured in January 2020, he was too large to fit into a police car and had to be hauled away on a flatbed truck.[9]

在此之前他逮捕,巴里发出了炎症的宗教法令(法特瓦)。 On religious grounds, he also tried to justify the enslavement, sexual exploitation, and torture of ethnic minorities, like the Yazidis, in Iraq.

成为21世纪脂肪ISIS负责人:据报道,ISIS武装分子随便吃一顿饭。 Some claim that it is for religious reasons, and others blame food shortages. Militants allegedly “embrace cannibalism” when food supplies run low. So, why is Jabba so obese? His enormous size is likely due to many years spent in hiding. Who knows what he may have been eating all that time?



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金正恩一直是朝鲜的独裁最高领导人自2011年“伟大的接班人”,随后在他的父亲和祖父的足迹。 When he assumed his dictatorship, Kim removed (or executed) many of North Korea’s senior officials. Today, he is establishing a notorious legacy of weapons testing, cyber warfare, economic plight, prison camps, and human rights violations.[10]

2009年,报告建议,患有高血压和糖尿病的金,是个老烟枪,遭罪。 In 2015, it was reported that the leader had gained more than 30 kilograms (66 lb) of body fat over a period of five years, bringing his weight to 130 kilograms (290 lb).

如何发胖朝鲜在2000年:在朝鲜,凉面的主食,以及豆腐,米饭,粥。 Poultry, beef, and seafood are plentiful. North Korean food—flavored by bean paste, sesame oil, ginger, and pepper flakes—is considered to be milder than that of South Korea.