[警告:此列表包含干扰音频和图像]声音是最重要的一种和电影的至少注目的部分。 While it’s obviously true that there are entire teams dedicated to perfecting the sound in any professional film, their contributions aren’t as apparent as, say, a stunt artist’s.

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我们并不是真的在谈论背景分数,无论是。 Some of the most iconic soundtracks of Hollywood aren’t songs at all, but seemingly unimportant sounds like the toilet flush and running water in the basins in bathroom scenes to make them more realistic. Here are ten of the most iconic . . . and, in some cases, disturbing.


[警告:此处链接YouTube的视频包括亚声的声音能引起听众遭受极度不适。 Please listen with caution.] Gaspar Noé’s2002 thriller Irreversible唤起一些特别强烈的感情。 Of course, there’s the very graphic rape scene in the beginning of the movie which we’d highly caution against watching (for those of you who subscribe to such concepts, consider this your “trigger warning”). The rest of the movie is no High School Musical, either, and it’s understandable that it would leave some people with a bad taste in their mouths.

但是,暴力的场面可怕不是这部电影的唯一令人不安的质量。 Many people watching reported feeling an uneasy sense of dread, especially in the more hectic, earlier parts of the film. While many just brushed it off as the filmmaker’s genius, he later admitted to using infrasound to cause the effect in the first 30 minutes of the film.

对于那些谁不熟悉它,声(或亚声音)的声音刚好低于我们正常的听力范围。 It doesn’t have to be completely below the threshold, either. Just start approaching the lower end and you’ll begin to “feel” what we’re talking about.

因为人们无法听到声音,但可以物理地感觉到它,声结束了造成强烈的恐惧的原因不明的感觉。 It has been effectively – even if sparingly—used in Hollywood ever since they figured out how to reproduce it, as it is highly effective at creating that sense of creeping terror many horror movies leave you with. Interestingly the sound is also associated with many large-scale natural disasters, which suggests that our reaction to it is part of our inbuilt self-defense mechanism.[1]


流行的看法相反,杰夫高布伦不是侏罗纪公园特许经营的亮点。 It is also remembered for some of the best depictions of dinosaurs on the big screen. For an animal we have never seen in the flesh and only know about from scattered remains of bones around the world, the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were quite believable and multi-dimensional. So how did they know what the dinosaurs sounded like?

简单地说,他们没有。 We usually don’t associateancient animals with any sound,但我们这样做是因为与侏罗纪公园恐龙,因为它们创造了这些声音凭空而基本上是第一个如此有效地做。 For anyone who has wondered how they were made, they’re taken from many animals in various stages of having sex. The velociraptor is voiced by mating tortoises, and the T-rex is dolphins in heat. I wonder how many parents would have made their kids stay home from the cinema if they knew they were about to listen to two hours and seven minutes of animals doing the dirty.[2]


成立之初是使用声音设计作为其故事的核心部分的几部电影之一。 Hanz Zimmer’s score is hands down one of his best works to date, and much like other aspects of the movie, the score hides quite a few secrets you wouldn’t notice untilListverse saves the day并且可以在其上。

一首歌,保持显示整个电影伊迪丝琵雅芙的“非,达JE NE regrette rien',更不仅仅是一个艺术采用经典的歌曲。 As some fans found out, the length of the song—2:28 minutes—may have directly influenced the length of the movie . . . 2:28 hours.

更眼尖和铁杆粉丝,但是,对在后台得分更令人兴奋的引用自己的耳朵,因为法国著名歌曲在其他秘密的地方提到过。 As you can see in the clip above, the music in the dream sequences is stretched out and heavy in bass. The time signature of the music in the dreams actually perfectly corresponds with the song, only stretched out according to the time dilation you’re supposed to experience in the dreams, and tweaked to make it sound better.[3]


星际旅行将永远记住它的创新使用天天动听。 This makes sense as they had to come up with a lot of new sounds owing to the vast scope of their futuristic setting at a time that no one had really gone there before. The most distinctive and innovative creation of a sound in the series is probably the warp drive.

虽然很容易想象从电影经声在2020年,这不是当年。 The sound designer, Doug Grindstaff, wanted to make an authentic effect that would serve as a blueprint for all warp drive sounds in the future, and he was successful to a large extent, too.

对于声音,他又回到了他的大学借了test oscillator从物理实验室。 The resulting warp-drive sound effect will now forever be in the human consciousness. The sounds in Star Trek – along with a few other pioneering movies – defined the genre for decades to come. What a legacy![4]


星球大战另一classic franchise这想出了不少独特的方式来传达它的声音,特别是其辉煌的标志性成绩。 Its biggest breakthroughs in sound design, though – much like most of the other entries on this list – lie in sounds that we don’t even notice.

拿光剑。 While most people these days would think that it was generated by some kind of a computer, we forget that technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today. The sound was – like a lot of iconic sounds in Hollywood – made by something found in the junk. More specifically, it was made by the hum of an idle film projector combined with the static buzz of a television.

对于另一个经典的声音从系列,爆破枪的标志性的“皮尤皮尤”的声音是由一个人嫌粗导线用锤子做。 I want his job![5]


当涉及到心理恐怖,你的皮肤变得之下,而不是公然可见,Alfred Hitchcock设立了新标准。 His movies are some of the most iconic psychological thrillers of all times, and for good reason, too. His use of innovative camera techniques and sound design became the standard for many notable works of the genre since then. Psycho is, no doubt, the most iconic of these. It was made using tools and techniques that were clever as well as genre-defining.

一个显着的场景是,当他谋杀了他的酒店客人在淋浴时的情景,我们认为这部电影我们最想象。 The sound design of the sequence was central to its successful execution (so to speak), and it didn’t disappoint. Particularly unique in its time was that it was completely free of any music, heightening the tension of the scene.

许多创新技术被用来拿出它做出最终编辑稀疏的声音。 The sickening sound of the stabs, for example, was made by stabbing casaba melons. Now that I’ve told you that, watch the clip above and you’ll recognize the sound immediately for what it really is.[6]


The Lord of the Rings是幻想电影的一个新时代的开始,和很像它的源材料 - 起到了界定流派我们今天所知道了举足轻重的作用。 Of course, much like all aspects of the movie, the sound was brilliantly done, with quite a few cool little secrets involved.

的戒灵的声音,对于一个,是由摩擦塑料杯在一起而制成。 Suddenly they don’t seem so terrifying, right? Another iconic sound from the movie, Balrog’s weird crackling growls, was recorded from the sound of rocks grinding on the floor. It’s probably best that we stop there or you’ll never be able to enjoy the film series in the same way again.[7]


打孔的声音是最具标志性和可识别的声音中的一个亚搏守望先锋-Hollywood,以及最被忽视的一个(至少当它做得很好)。 Whenever we hear it in a movie, we tend to not even register it.

事实证明,我们欠的unds to Raging Bull, which was the first movie to really play with the acoustics of a bar fight. The movie uses many different types of sounds according to the mood of the different fights in the movie, giving them a dimension most of us wouldn’t even have explicitly noticed. It remains one of both Martin Scorsese and and sound editor Frank Warner’s best works. To this day they have never revealed how any of those sounds were made. This secret, alas, is one that remains a mystery for now. But next time you notice an amazing punch sound in a film or TV show, you know you have Raging Bull to thank.[8]

2The Wilhelm Scream

Sound design is a vital part of any movie, with some sounds becoming so associated with a movie that they effect how we remember these works of fiction forever. Some sounds, however, transcend genres. The Wilhelm Scream, which should beno stranger to Listverse readers, is by far the most popular and used voice sample in movies, and you just need to hear it to instantly recognize why. So watch the video above for a rather hilarious, albeit horribly low-quality, series of clips showing the sound featured in different films.

As the name suggests, it’s the sound of a human scream. It was first heard in a movie made in 1951, though it wasn’t until it was picked up by Warner Brothers and used in the 1953 film ‘The Charge at Feather River’ that it really gained popularity. Since then, the iconic Wilhelm Scream has been used to simulate the sound of people falling or getting shot in hundreds of movies.

If you’ve seen any popular movie of the last five decades – like Star Wars, Avengers, Avatar, The Hunger Games, or Indiana Jones – you already know what this sounds like . . . you just may not realize it.[9]

1The Art Of Foley Effects

In case you didn’t notice, most of the sound effects we have spoken about aren’t over-the-top musical numbers that require creative genius to produce. They are everyday sounds that make moments in movies seem so realistic we don’t even notice. It’s due to these techniques that film making in Hollywood reached such a peak that it was possible to enter a movie theater and get lost in a fantasy world for two hours. Of course nowadays its our livings rooms we get lost in thanks to the likes of ThePirateBay AppleTV and Disney+.

If there’s one person we owe all of that too, it’sJack Foley, the sound effects engineer who pioneered the technique of taking common objects and using them to re-create the sounds of humans and their interactions with the physical world. This art (and it reallyisan art—see the video above for proof) is named after him, and it’s one of those jobs that you won’t notice if it’s done well.[10]


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