刻板印象已经存在了,只要人和,在大多数情况下,他们是不是消极的。 There are plenty of stereotypes about people, places, and things that are complementary—even if they aren’t true.


再就是它可以是非常讨厌的负面刻板印象。 For most negative stereotypes, there is about 0.01% of truth mixed into supposition, prejudice, bigotry, and just plain lies.



这是一个相当普遍的信念,金发不聪明,谁也没有说,他们做的事情特别愚蠢后有“一个金发碧眼的时刻”? The ditzy blonde has been a trope of television and film for decades.

起源:那种认为金发都哑了来自一个叫做莱斯Curiosités发挥德拉FOIRE,[1]这是基于罗莎莉·达斯,朝臣谁是金发碧眼的,愚蠢的,和性可用。 That play first premiered in 1775, so the stereotype has been around for a while.

现实:金发是基因突变,其中已经有一万年的结果。 Studies have shown that hair color and intellect aren’t related, and in some, it was found that the median IQ for blonde women was higher than women with different hair colors.[2]

有趣的事实:有很多谁证明这个刻板印象假的金发妇女,包括NASA宇航员卡伦·尼伯格,麻省理工学院,J.K.的莉萨·兰德尔教授 Rowling, Meryl Streep, and many more.


当韩亚航空航班214在旧金山坠毁在2013年,死了两个人,和分数更受伤,但“亚洲人不能开车”的刻板印象是在Twitter上猖獗之前,它不长。 “Of course the Korean plane crashed. Asians can’t drive, what makes them think they can fly a plane,” and similar comments were common after the accident.[3]

起源:刻板印象的确切起源是未知的,虽然它是普遍的,并一直致力于成为一个城市词典页面。[4]它可能无法看到亚裔移民驾驶在美国上涨,许多开车的第一次。 As a result, the stereotype was less about Asian drivers than it was about new drivers.

现实:讽刺的是,当涉及到亚洲车手正好相反。 There are fewer fatal crashes in East Asian countries when compared to the United States. The stereotype is also contrary to the belief that Asians are good at everything. The meme, “Difficulty Level: Asian” is popular on Tumblr, where it showcases examples of Asian people accomplishing incredible feats.[5]




起源:当涉及到土豆,爱尔兰是众所周知的作物的情人,可以追溯到16世纪后期。 Potatoes became a staple crop, but when the Great Famine hit the country in the 1840s, this led to a mass exodus. More than a million people left Ireland during this time. Because of the crop’s failure, especially in 1847, a surge of unwelcome Irish immigrants were negatively associated with the potato.[7]

现实:虽然这是事实,在18世纪和19世纪的爱尔兰人需要的马铃薯作为他们的寄托的主要来源,[8]19世纪40年代的饥荒改变这一点。 Modern Ireland enjoys potatoes as much as the next country, but the nation’s economy isn’t tied to its success as it was in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Irish agricultural industry of the 21st century relies on a diverse selection of crops, including sugar beets and barley.[9]土豆身价名列第三,但比前两个吨位小得多。

有趣的事实:最消耗土豆是中国的国家,[10]不是爱尔兰人。 Ireland is ranked as the 59th of 158 countries in terms of potato consumption.[10]


有一个刻板印象,法国不愿在战争中战斗,宁可投降不是对抗。 This belief is rooted in a misunderstanding of French involvement in recent conflicts, and it remains pervasive throughout the American military even though the U.S. and France are allies.

起源:法国不认为是一个战争憎恨的国家,直到最近。 A common misconception of their actions in WWII suggested the country didn’t put up a fight when the German Army crossed the Ardennes. France surrendered to Hitler in 1940 following an intense battle,[11]这有助于巩固相信法国宁愿投降不是对抗。

这个事实:大多数法国的历史,全国一枝独秀成为世界上最强大的军队之一。 Before the French Revolution, French was the international language of trade and business, much like English is today. It wasn’t until the years following the Revolution that France succumbed to numerous military defeats. Still, the country always put up a fight, never waving the white flag at the first onset of hostilities. The defense of Paris cost France 1.3 million dead—there was no surrender until all was lost.[12]

有趣的事实:法国革命战争时期的美国殖民者提供支持,并在帮助战胜国王乔治三世的工具。 In the 20th & 21st-centuries, France helped defeat the Kaiser, Hitler, and the nation continues to support international conflicts around the world with its technologically advanced and well-trained military.


妇女被对抗性别定型观念,因为人类的曙光时,猎人/采集的文化第一次开始。 While there have been improvements in most countries where women’s rights are concerned, the belief that men are better workers remains in most industries throughout the world.[13]



有趣的事实:对妇女的一种刻板印象是比男性多任务更好,但事实证明,这是不正确的。 A study by PLOS One found that women aren’t better at multitasking than men; they just do more work in less time, so it appears that way.[16]


炸鸡和黑种人的相互合作,以一个多世纪以来一直呈负相关。 The dish was brought to the States by Scotts and West African slaves, who added their blend of seasoning, which became a prominent feature of southern fried chicken made by Slaves throughout the 19th century.

起源:非裔美国人和炸鸡之间的负相关关系可以追溯到一个国家的电影1915年出生。 Claire Schmidt of the University of Missouri wrote on the film’s role in creating the negative correlation:

“[A]一群演员刻画无能黑人民选官员行事粗暴和粗制滥造的立法大厅......而其中一人非常夸张吃炸鸡。 That image really solidified the way white people thought of black people and fried chicken.”[17]

除了炸鸡,非裔美国人已与西瓜作为一个传统的从食物有关。 This was reflected in the song “The Ice Cream Man” from 1916, which was initially titled, “Nigger Love A Watermelon Ha! Ha! Ha!”[18]

现实:每个人都喜欢炸鸡和西瓜。 There isn’t a racial requirement to enjoying it, which was clear when masses of people of all races flocked to and fought for a Popeyes fried chicken sandwich in 2019.[19]



因为基督教的第一天认为犹太人是便宜的已经出现。 Since then, it has permeated every culture that has included Jews for thousands of years. The stereotype was used by Nazi propagandists who scapegoated the German Jewish population in the 1930s, and it remains a well-known stereotype to this day.[21]

起源:这个信念,对于降压来自最后的晚餐的故事,犹太人将做任何事情。 About 2,000 years ago, Judas Iscariot was paid thirty shekels for betraying Jesus to the Romans, resulting in his capture and crucifixion. From that point on, Jews were negatively associated with money and finances.[22]

现实:无论是圣经记载的最后的晚餐是真的还是假的,一个人两千年的行动前有今天的人没有关系。 Some Jews are good with money, and some aren’t. During the middle ages, when Jews were considered to be great financiers, most were poor. It wasn’t until the Industrial Age that Jews began working in finance and banking, such that they became wealthy, but this was hardly the norm for the average Jew in Europe and North America.



美国人认为墨西哥人的懒惰可以在一个农民对斜倚用宽边帽仙人掌的每一个描述中可以看出,这一事实拉下覆盖他的眼睛,因为他睡觉。 It’s a widespread belief in the United States, and it has led to an overall negative depiction of Mexican people.[24]

起源:这个信念就是墨西哥人都懒的美国人对墨西哥人做历史的偏见长线茎。 The general belief that Mexicans are flooding the borders to take American jobs isn’t new; it’s been ongoing for well over a century. The problem continues, and in 2016, the Texas State Board of Education called for textbooks covering Mexican American Studies for the state. One sample included text describing “Mexicans as lazy, and Mexican Americans as cultural separatists, stubbornly resisting assimilation.”[25]

现实:墨西哥工人demonstrably,不偷懒,大部分的工作时间更长,难度比一般的美国人。 According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, an average Mexican worker provided 2,246 hours of labor in 2015. That same year, the average American worked 1,790 hours.[26]



人们普遍认为,黑人妇女往往更积极和响亮当他们生气。 At the U.S. Open final in 2018, Serena Williams received a code violation and was fined. She went off on the referee and was labeled as an Angry Black Woman in the press with pictures of her yelling, demanding an apology.[27]天合光能琼斯教授,杜克大学的学者谁在种族和社会经济不平等,对这一事件说出了。[28]“黑人妇女不应该推回,当他们这样做,他们认为是霸气。 Aggressive. Threatening. Loud.”

起源:19世纪的吟游诗人节目通过暗示,他们过于激进和愤怒模仿非洲裔妇女。 They dubbed them as “Sassy Mammies,” which were women who defied social norms. This belief was further developed into the term “Sapphire,” which is an insult referencing the dominant, and often masculine portrayals of enslaved black women.




有在美国和欧洲的一个共同的信念,归咎于大多数恐怖袭击穆斯林。 This has resulted in numerous stereotypes and prejudicial acts carried out against Muslims, including “Flying while Muslim” and many more.

起源:对于谁相信这个刻板印象大多数人来说,9月11日恐怖袭击的根源。 Those coordinated attacks were conducted by a group of Muslim men who believed they were doing the will of Allah. Immediately following the attacks, Islamaphobia in the United States turned up to 11, and numerous attacks followed. The addition of fearmongering by vocal critics with a soapbox made the problem worse, and a general fear of Muslim people remains common around the world.

现实:恐怖分子谁在9月11日进行的攻击,这样做是因为他们的个人信仰,但他们的伊斯兰教的歪曲看法不符合全世界绝大多数穆斯林排队。 Muslims make up around 24% of the global population, which amounts to around 1.8 billion people.[30]其中,只有约0.00009%有恐怖的承诺行为或认为恐怖主义是正当的宗教信仰的一部分。[31]

有趣的事实:在美国,更多的恐怖行为是白人公民比其他任何种族或民族进行。 Between 1980 and 2005, non-Muslims committed 94% of all terrorist attacks in the United States, including 9/11.[32]


关于作者:乔纳森是一个图形艺术家插画作家。 He is a Retired Soldier and enjoys researching and writing about history, science, theology, and many other subjects.


乔纳森是一个图形艺术家,插画家和作家。 He is a Retired Soldier and enjoys researching and writing about history, science, theology, and many other subjects.